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ONE Friday Fights 57, ONE Lumpinee 57 I Friday Fight 29/03/24

  • Date : March 29, 2024
  • Time : 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm (Asia/Bangkok)
  • Reg. Deadline : March 29, 2024 6:30 pm
  • Venue : Lumpinee stadium

Registration Deadline Expired!!

ONE Lumpinee 57

ONE Friday Fights: The Best Muay Thai Action in the World

ONE Lumpinee 57
ONE Lumpinee 57 – 29/03/24 Card
ONE Lumpinee 57
ONE Lumpinee 57, ONE Friday Fights 57
ONE Lumpinee 57

What is ONE Friday Fights?

ONE Friday Fights is a weekly Muay Thai event held at Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. It is one of the most popular Muay Thai events in the world, known for its high-quality fights and exciting atmosphere.

ONE Lumpinee is the Thai name for ONE Friday Fights. The event is broadcast live in Asia primetime on ONE Championship YouTube channel, and social media pages.

ONE Friday Fights , ONE Lumpinee long banner
ONE Lumpinee, ONE Friday Fights : Every Friday

Why is ONE Friday Fights so popular?

There are a few reasons why ONE Friday Fights is so popular:

  • World-class Muay Thai action: ONE Friday Fights features the best Muay Thai fighters in the world, competing in exciting and unpredictable matches.
  • Rising stars: ONE Friday Fights is also a great way to discover new Muay Thai talent. Many of the promotion’s top fighters have started out on ONE Friday Fights.
  • Exciting atmosphere: ONE Friday Fights events are held at Lumpinee Stadium, the most iconic Muay Thai stadium in the world. The stadium is always packed with passionate fans who create an electric atmosphere.
  • World-class production: ONE Championship is known for its world-class production standards. ONE Friday Fights events are always visually stunning and feature exciting commentary.
  • Values: ONE Championship is more than just a martial arts promotion. The company is also dedicated to promoting the values of respect, courage, integrity, and humility. ONE Friday Fights events are a great way to learn about these values and see them in action.

What can you expect at this event?

When you arrive at Lumpinee Stadium for an event, you will be greeted by a lively atmosphere and passionate fans. The stadium is typically packed to the rafters, so it is best to arrive early to get a good seat.

Once you are seated, you can enjoy a variety of food and drinks that are available for purchase inside the stadium. The fights typically start at 6:00 PM and last for several hours.

Each fight is preceded by a traditional Muay Thai ritual called the Wai Kru. In the Wai Kru, the fighters pay their respects to their trainers, coaches, and ancestors. The Wai Kru is a beautiful and moving ritual that sets the stage for the fight.

Once the Wai Kru is complete, the fight begins. The fighters circle each other for a few moments, trying to gauge each other’s strength and weaknesses. The fight then begins in earnest, with the fighters exchanging kicks, punches, elbows, and knees.

The fights at event always exciting and unpredictable. The fighters are some of the best in the world, and they are always looking for a knockout. The crowd is always on their feet, cheering on their favorite fighters.

ONE Lumpinee 57

Tips for attending a this event

Here are a few tips for attending this event:

  • Arrive early: The stadium starts to fill up early, so it is best to arrive early to get a good seat.
  • Dress comfortably: You will be sitting for a long time, so it is best to dress comfortably.
  • Bring cash: Food and drinks are available for purchase around the stadium, but it is best to bring cash as some vendors may not accept credit cards.
  • Be prepared for a loud atmosphere: The atmosphere at Lumpinee Stadium is electric, so be prepared for a loud and exciting experience.


This is a must-attend event for any fan of Muay Thai or martial arts. It is a unique cultural experience that offers a glimpse into the heart of Thai culture. With its high-quality fights, exciting atmosphere, and world-class production, This is an event that you will never forget.

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